Send Unlimited

Send unlimited emails to your contacts. There is no Monthly or quarterly limit. As and when you require you can subscribe for email accounts to fullfill you requirement.

Unlimited Email

Choose and easily customise mail templates or create your own templates. Still if you require we help you with creating your mailing templates at a nominal cost.

Unlimited Realtime

Need to reach out to all those big shots in the industry. Have a special offer for Lawyers or Teachers. Sit back and relax while our cralwer gets you the data you require in realtime.

Verify Junk/Inactive Emails

Automatically Verify Junk and Inactive Emails. Just select the mailing list and see your inactive and invalid mails get removed automatically.

Automatically Block
Unsubscribed Emails

Pluto keeps track of any email unsubscribed and automatically marks the emailid as blocked in the Mailing list.

Junk Email

Keep your mailing list auto-update. Scan junk or bounce-id and mark them blocked or move them to junk folder.

THREE steps to boost your marketting campaign

Using GoPluto is very easy. It just takes minutes to familiarize with the Product and after one time setup its a child play to work with.

Prepare your Data.

Already have mailing list to send data. Just import it into Pluto. Your confidential data remains on your computer.

Looking for more data to send that beautiful mailer. Just open BrowsR Enter your target audience domain like Doctors, Legal, Students etc... and get realtime data as per your search criteria in few minutes.

Freedom from spending on stale and junk Data.

View BrowsR in Action

Design your Mailer.

Design your mailer from scratch or customise a mailer from our template library.

If you have a mailer already hosted, just add its link and you are ready to send it to your mailing list.

Still unsure how to get that stunning mailer. Just mail us what you need and we will help you with your Mailer design.

PLUTO Configure Mail Accounts

Configure Multiple Mail Accounts.

Configure your mail accounts directly in PLUTO.

Need to send promotional mail to those 500 of your customers and you dont have a paid mail account?

Just Relax, configure any free email account and reach out to your customers.

You can configure multiple accounts and use different accounts with different mailing lists.

(We strongly discourage SPAMMING & Bulk Mailing. Free accounts available are governed by strict SPAM policies)

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